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I am so grateful for the breathwork.  I feel like I am handling situations which would have sent me into a tailspin of overwhelm and anxiety just a few weeks ago.  I now eagerly look forward to my “me “ time every evening, doing my breathwork meditation.  Thank you for being you,  and for your extraordinary healing.  I feel like my nervous system has, and continues to, recalibrate to a more peaceful, joyful and loving frequency.

gwen miller, pilates teacher

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Are you ready to unlock the power that is within you and step into a life filled with abundance, happiness, success and fulfillment? Listen to what my clients have to say about my work.

I had an amazing experience was able to get relief and clarity on some personal issues. I learned that I should practice breathing techniques more often to give myself some relief mentally. I was suprised how my body responded. I felt paralyzed and at peace.


Women's Coach

A session with Monica gives one the opportunity to explore the gap to their higher selves. Healing through breath work and transformational coaching is something I recommend to anyone who is interested in finding their purpose and expanding their awareness. Breathwork is more powerful than we know. It really does bring clarity to our consciousness around our attitudes and our relationship to self.


Intuitive Healer and Transformational Coach

Monica helped me to develop a short term and a long term plan as she assists me in developing those things that I was not familiar with. I am learning more and more everyday through her expertise and training. Monica meets people at their level and creates a multimodal sense of training that enables people of all learning styles to be able to embrace the learning. Coupled with the interactive is the quintessential package for business success thus creative a more blissful life!

Monica has helped me to jump over many hurdles, namely my fears and blocks that prevented me from taking the next step. I have navigated and moved through the blocks I felt, and I have been able to do what she has asked.

Dr. Candace Robick

Rooted in Resonance

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