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I am so grateful for the breathwork.  I feel like I am handling situations which would have sent me into a tailspin of overwhelm and anxiety just a few weeks ago.  I now eagerly look forward to my “me “ time every evening, doing my breathwork meditation.  Thank you for being you,  and for your extraordinary healing.  I feel like my nervous system has, and continues to, recalibrate to a more peaceful, joyful and loving frequency.

gwen miller, pilates teacher


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Who am I?

When I started my weight loss journey, I began training for 10k runs and then ended up competing in marathons.

I had two kids at the time and was working full time and working out twice per day.

My inner voices and thoughts were negative and I kept sabatoging myself because I didn't feel like I was good enough.

I was gaining weight and was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism.

I was so exhausted. I had tried everything.

This is when I realized that working out less, increasing mindfulness tools like breathwork, visualizations and mindful eating increased my weight loss.

I ditched the twice per day workouts and began to INSTRUCT my body TO DO what I wanted it to do. And body listened.

I also realized which foods were causing harm to my body and keeping me from losing weight.

I began teaching weight loss programs that actually worked for busy business women, entrepreneurs and moms.

I remember how difficult it was to raise a family and to love myself....and take care of my body and spirit.


Are you ready to unlock the power that is within you and step into a life filled with abundance, happiness, success and fulfillment? Listen to what my clients have to say about my work.

Monica is an incredibly gifted and impactful healer.I can't believe that I work through so much and such a huge block such a short session! I was able to also see where this fear had impacted my life as well as how letting go of and transmuting what was serving my highest good, paired with somatic work, will help me in identifying my desires and vision. I am really looking forward to keep revisiting that peace, comfort and joy that was locked in. I can see now how that block was impacting/creating issues of trust (in many areas), lack of clarity/vision/goals and not allowing a confidence to move forward

Jessica Alvarado

Coach And Hhealer

The biggest insight was that the energetic blocks were brought on from before this life. I learned about light language and that my resistance of it is actually causing me more discomfort than the discomfort of allowing myself to feel it and learn it. That actionable feedback to me furthered the confirmation for me as well as gave direction and steps towards clearing the blocks. Many times in this work we get higher chunk ideas and directionality. The specificity of the information and the feedback really blew my mind. The work Monica does is very heart felt. During the reading she said some very specific things that only I knew. The way she conducted the session I progressively became more and more relaxed and open to the process. Her love and appreciation for her clients is very apparent in her work. I really enjoyed the way her questions gave me the freedom to express any thoughts I had as well as confirm all the information. The reading have me a lot of clarity and confirmation around what I've been feeling and why.

Jusin Prelle

Transformational Coach

I have now lost 30 pounds and I help other women get in touch with their higher self and cleanse their body, mind and soul.

Monica lives and breathes enlightenment and spirituality. Monica became my coach as I began to discover my light and gifts I needed to offer the world. Monica became my spiritual running buddy. She helped me discover a deep love for myself and introduced me to many self-care tools that lead to feelings of empowerment and worthiness.

Heather Hanson

Intuitive Healer and Transformational Coach

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