ready to release anxiety and enjoy wealth, confidence, health and happiness!

If you aren't in the love you desire, making the money you want or over weight, please contanct me. I work with men and women that want freedom and bliss in their life.

gwen, author /teacher

Chocolate cake with frosting and nuts with conconut has always been my favorite. I looked at it today and I had zero desire. More than that, I really did not want any of it in my body. Working with you had changed a lifetime of food cravings that I had trouble controlling so they were controlling me and it has been effortless. The shift occured from our hypnosis session. It was an immediate change. I just have not desired foods that used to be unabile to resist


$500/90-120 min

90 Minute Session

Reiki Master Healing

Remove Energy Blocks

Lose Weight Each Day


Release the blocks that keep you from losing weight

Based on decades of coaching, practice and teaching from some of the worlds most renowned and respected healers and teachers, I provide you with the tools and guidance to help you lose the weight for good. I've worked with clients that lose the last 10 pounds or 50+ pounds. You will receive a 21 day hypnosis to listen to after our session.

melanie, sales rep

I can truly let go of the things that no longer serve me; and that I can move on with hope and ease. I had the immediate feeling of "lightness" I left with, and that has continued with me ever since. On top of that, my severe insomnia disappeared!


$500/90-120 min

90-120 Minute Session

21 Day Recorded Reprogramming

Release Blocks and Anxiety

Open Your Prosperity Flow

confidence and anxiety

Unlock your amazing life.

You may be feeling stuck, frustrated or anxious about a recurring feeling, thought or behaviour that won’t go away. You are desperate to feel free and get back in the flow, but you don’t know how?

amanda, life coach

Monica's love and attention during booking, session and follow up, allowed me to fully surrender and be held. I felt heard and seen by you as I really am. You support my dreams and never once doubted that I can have them now.

rapid transformation


Release blocks and uncover wealth, health and prosperity.

What is it like:

Step one is: Book in a free telephone consultation so we can discuss your situation and agree to work together.

Your RTT Hypnotherapy session will be around 2 hours long.

Sessions can be taken in person in Santa Rosa or viaZoom.

Many people only require 1 session per issue, however some more complex issues may take up to 3 sessions.

After the session I create a personalised transformational hypnosis to music that you commit to listening to at home for a minimum of 21 days.

We’ll then book a follow up call to check in on progress and to see if follow up sessions are required. If you would like ongoing support I offer coaching sessions for between sessions (charged additionally).

Also, you can join the 3 month, 1-1 program complete with Transformational Coaching, RTT session to bust your blocks and boost your confidence and Transcendence Healing to get in flow and manifest your dreams, release weight, fall in love and receive the money you desire.

“i've lost 30 pounds and Kept it off.”

“I’ve LOST 30 pounds and kept it off! I lost my first 8 pounds after my first cleanse program with Monica while nursing my 8 month old son. I continued to lose weight when I did Monica’s 28 Day jumpstart program and have sustained the weight loss. It is not a diet. I learned to eat for my unique body!”

michelle coel


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